July 9, 2001

Mr. Galen Romme
Romme Real Estate
P.O. Box 815
Hays, KS  67601

Dear Galen:

Now that the dust is beginning to settle a bit from the near-tortuous experience of putting together a tax credit application, I wanted to write and thank you for the extraordinary help you provided us with in this endeavor.

Over the years and with scores of communities we have worked in or with, we have on a number of occasions been fortunate to find those individuals whose public-spiritedness becomes a meaningful factor in the difference between  decent application and a very good one.  Such has been our experience and good fortune in Hays with you.

Working with you, and having both your energy and your advice, has been a terrific experience.  You have clearly been a "difference-maker" in compiling the Hays application and I am certain that it is a much better application because of your efforts.

Please accept my sincere thanks for all your help.  I have enjoyed getting to know you and working with you.


Lawrence A. Mazzota